“Studying Voice & Artist Development”-Jacyn Tremblay of JADA

“Studying Voice and Artist Development at Bristol Studios has helped me in so many ways!! I began as a voice student of Ric’s and it took off from there! Opportunity really knocked when I was invited to become a member of  the group JADA shortly after joining the voice program.

Training at Bristol every day-I’m really learning about and improving all of my skills as an artist. From vocal performance, to dance training, to songwriting and self-promotion, I have gained more confidence and become a well rounded performer and business person. In my opinion, you can read about any subject, but actually putting it into practice is a whole different ball game! You get to do that here!

It’s so vital to have an actual program to follow (in the artist development program, and the voice program) that way you get to focus on what elements need to be in place and worked on to bring yourself to the level you want to achieve as an artist! I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now (a major label recording artist) if it weren’t for the guidance and training from Ric, Laura and the entire Bristol team!” – Jacyn Tremblay

Check out Jacyn performing with JADA live this weekend!

Want to follow in Jacyn’s footsteps? Visit our website today to learn more about Voice Lessons & Artist Development at Bristol Studios!



For more information on JADA check out their official website at:


~ by bristolstudios on June 14, 2011.

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