TURNTABLE.FM -Play Music Together– We are witnessing the future here

Little did we know yesterday we would get to BETA the future of music listening and social/virtual gatherings.

I’m talking about TURNTABLE.FM

Around noon yesterday our friend David Day over at Boston’s Weekly Dig shot me over a link to  beta this new website.  Skeptically I explored this thinking it would be another music swapping site…however I was wrong.  When i initiated the click I was instantly brought into a weird cartoon club with SOUTH PARK looking avatars dancing around to music being played by different users all over the world.

It is Second Life + Grooveshark + Real Time Chat….and it’s WAY too addictive.

Technologetic says it best here…

The principles of Turntable are simple. You join and start listening to music that other people are playing, and you chat to the other people who are also listening, and the DJ’s. Being a DJ is also as simple. A room, by default, can have 5 DJ’s at once, and it is a turn based game. Each DJ has their turn to play a song after the DJ before them finishes theirs. It is almost like a competition between DJ’s, whoever can get the most people bobbing to their song. Listeners start bobbing by clicking ‘Awesome’ when listening to a song they like.”  Technologetic also add’s “Social features of Turntable include the chat and the ‘fan’ feature (plus the ‘awesome’ feature I’ve mentioned previously). The chat is a simple, real-time tool for communicating with all the other people in the room. This means you can request songs, discuss your preference on the current song, or just chat about whatever comes to your mind.”

This is the future.  See for yourself…

(this room created by MMMMAVEN)

Bristol will be launching our own room soon!  Check back here for more updates!


~ by bristolstudios on June 15, 2011.

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