Do You Know About Bristol’s Artist Development Program?

Bristol Recording and Voice Studios, New England’s top Artist Development Company has a 25 year history of helping artists acquire the skills and tools necessary to achieve their goals in the music industry. We offer a unique and extensive list of services and training programs in all areas of vocal performance at recording which can’t be found anywhere else. Our exceptional staff provides artists with the essential skills to take them directly from standing on the sidelines to performing in the spotlight. Our focus is to equip the artist with the necessary tools to guarantee a lifelong career in the music industry. 

“I can not say enough about this program – it has been life changing. I would not be where I am Today if it was not for Bristol. Not only have they helped me in my singing but also my overall life. I am now happier and more successful than I have ever been. I am now happier and more successful than I have ever been. I am achieving goals that were once a dream.” – P.P.

“From where we started as aspring vocalists and performers, to having achieved a major label recording contract, none of it would be possible without the support and guidance of Ric and Laura Poulin and the entire Bristol Staff! We went from having only a few things going on as individual perfomers, to learning everything about how to maximize and profit off of bein a real working musical act. The Bristol Artist Development program offers amazing tools. Over the past 5 years, we have been trained to be self reliant and capable business people in addition to honing our performance skills and becoming the best we can be! This is only the beginning!!”Jada

Bristol Recording and Voice Studios Artist Development Team is involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry including: management, artist development, record label showcases, voice and performance training, songwriting, recording & production, stage show performance, choreography, image development and style consulting, photography, publicity, media training, booking, marketing and career development.

Bristol Recording and Voice Studios is headed up by the Artist Development Professionals who created and manage Universal/Motown Pop/R&B group Jada, and have also worked with the Dropkick Murphies/Warner, Niia/Yclef Records (Wyclef Jean’s label), and many other successful recording artists. 

For more information about New Englands top Artist Development Company, call 617-247-8689.


~ by bristolstudios on June 21, 2011.

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