Songkick App Raising Concert Sales

Ever feel like you’re the last one to know about a concert in your town? Now you can be the FIRST! The popular online concert listing site, Songkick has developed a new way to help fans track their favorite artists straight from their iphones! Within just two weeks of being on the market, there have been over 100,000 activations for this new app and it’s definitely bringing in a sense of hope for the future of the live music scene. Songkick CEO, Ian Hogarth, recently told Billboard that “The average music fan increasingly carries their music with them, on the go. Concerts and tickets are kind of a time-sensitive thing. You want to know when tour dates get announced for your favorite bands as soon as possible.” That’s where Songkick comes in. Companies through out the country have been utilizing social media now more than ever and recent company surveys show that Songkick has raised concert sales by seventy percent! Hogarth adds, “We’ve always believed – and everyone in the industry has believed – that if you give fans better information, more personalized information, about upcoming concerts, they will go to more concerts.”

Are YOU attending any concerts this summer? Bristol wants to know!
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Written by Megan Porter 

~ by bristolstudios on July 1, 2011.

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