All You Need To Know about Google +

On Tuesday, Google launched its new, highly anticipated Google + (plus); a twist on the social networking scene that is expected to give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money. The company’s innovative new alteration to the world’s Internet experience is only available to a limited few while the network remains in an invite-only trial stage. However, Google assures the public that Google + will soon become a reality for everyone with a Google account once this short stage has been completed.

So how does it work!? Well, after accessing the new social application, identified on the Google toolbar with a ‘You +’ button, the Google + experience begins with the creation of a Google account (if one doesn’t already have one) and the formation of a simple public profile, which requires the minimum of only a name and a photograph. From there, the user is prompted to go to their Google address book, a starting point from which they can ‘add’ people to their network. Once friends have been harvested from their Google accounts to share in Google +, they can be added to a variety of ‘Circles’, groups of people that can be organized by the topic that they fall under (friends, coworkers, roommates, etc.) Friends are added to Circles quickly and efficiently via drag-and-drop.

In addition to all of these new innovations, Google has its network amped up with a number of other applications within the site to heighten the social networking experience.The greatest examples of this are the changes that have been made in social media communications with the creation of ‘Hangouts’ and ‘Huddles’. Huddles is simply an expansion of the Circles concept, where chat can be experienced within a group. The same idea governs Hangouts, Google +’s group video chat. Chat rooms in Hangouts can hold up to ten people, and when full, people who wish to enter the chat can be placed on a wait list until someone has left the group. One of the hurdles that Google hopes to jump is the awkwardness of ‘inviting’ others to join in a video chat.

One of the most exciting components of Google + for websites, businesses, and consumers is the +1 button, fueled on Google + by a Sparks tab. With the +1 button, users will have the capability of +1ing their search results, in a nutshell, telling Google which search results are the most important and relevant. However, +1 first and foremost serves as an application to show users results that are personally relevant to them. This is where Sparks comes in. Sparks, essentially a personalized search engine, automatically brings the user content based on their interests, which they can add and remove with the click of a button. Each topic of interest gets its own page with links related to it leading to photos, articles, videos, and more. The content of Sparks is further specified by the user’s +1 clicks, which tells Google more about what each individual likes to see when they use Google’s search engine. From Sparks, Google + users are free to share articles and other content with their Circles.

With personalized features and highly specific privatization options available, Google + is an exciting new online network that has the public on the edge of their seats. However, until Google decides to launch its newest innovation to the public, the best that can be done is for one to cross their fingers and hope that someone will come along and invite them to the be a part of the Google + revolution.

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