Propellerhead Plans to Release Reason 6 on September 30th!


Swedish-based company, Propellerhead, has offically announced the release of Reason 6, an updated version of their recent software. Along with the basic components of Reason 5, Reason 6 also includes a great deal of new features, including a combination compressor/distortion/filter/envelope-follower known as the “Pulveriser,” a triple-filtered gate called the “Alligator,” and a hybrid digital/analog modeling stereo delay called “The Echo.” In addition, Propellerhead has included all of the features from their Record software, allowing users to fully record and edit audio using Reason, making it a full DAW.

According to XLR8R, The company has also announced plans to release Reason Essentials, “a paired-down, more economical version of Reason that comes with a smaller but more focused assortment of instruments and features”. Along with announcing two new Reason softwares, Propellerhead also announced their plans to release Balance Audio Interface, their first product of digital audio hardware. It will have “two channels of input and output, the sleek interface is said to incorporate high-quality converters and pre-amps for both line and mic-level signals, and will seamlessly integrate with Propellerhead software, but is also compatible with other DAW platforms”, claims XLR8R.

Both Reason 6 and Reason Essentials are planned to be released on September 30th, 2011!

For more information on Reason 6 check out:

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