All you need to know about Kickstarter

Launched in April of 2009, artists around the globe have been flocking to Kickstarter, a website that hopes to encourage the development of fine arts. According to, it is “the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world”, a place where innovative people, such as musicians, filmmakers, photographers, chefs, etc., can set up accounts to advocate their upcoming projects. Other users can then donate money to help fund their ideas.

The site has been integral in fueling a number of major ideas, including the Capture Camera Clip System, biographical movie Blue Like Jazz, Coffee Joulies, and HexBright lights. The most lucrative of Kickstarter’s projects has been the funding of $941,718 to create TikTok and LunaTik watches, highly specialized watchbands for the iPod nano.

This week, Kickstarter announced that it had just completed its 10,000th successful project. Out of all of thirteen artistic outlets, music is by far the most noteworthy category, barely beating out film and television with a total count of 3,110 accomplished goals. In light of these statistics, it is important to not overlook that, although the site has handled over 10,000 successful projects, another 13,113 projects have failed to meet their funding goals entirely, leaving Kickstarter with a 44% success rate. It is also easy to imagine the shock of some who overlook the fine print, and find that, at the end of their project, the site has taken 5% of the funds and Amazon has taken an additional 3-5%.

However, that is not to say that the website doesn’t take actions to try to protect their benefactors. No money is exchanged until the monetary goal of the project is reached; this way everyone involved is protected. Each project is also given its own individual funding deadline by which date if the goal is unmet, the project is terminated and the investors no longer have to be concerned about their money floating around in cyberspace.

What is truly beautiful about Kickstarter is the idea that the power of a group can create and develop something that is important in all of their lives. For more details about Kickstarter, visit their website at For more updates on Kickstart, follow Bristol on Facebook at


~ by bristolstudios on July 21, 2011.

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