Bristol Visits 2011 DJ Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey hosted this years DJ Expo. Bristol’s very own JADA attended this expo as a way to network with DJ’s, producers, entertainment companies, artists and record labels. They also got a firsthand look at how to continue heating up the stage with lighting, sound and stage effects. JADA’s dedication and hard work continues to prove worth while. They are dedicated to learning as much as possible about entertaining their audience and keeping their sound and look fresh. Just when you think they can’t get any better they pick up a new tip from attending events such as these, proving that Bristol’s recipe for success is perfect for any party.

The expo featured the industries hottest MCs plus “Americas Hardest Working DJ,” DJ Skribble,known for his club parties oozing with a long list of high profile celebrities. He talked about the ins and outs of making it in today’s highly competitive recording world. Another perk was an exclusive opportunity to network with producers, recording engineers and entertainment companies as well as leaders in today’s music technology products. Bristol jumped on this amazing opportunity as a way to establish new relationships and maintain existing ones. Marketing Director, Alex Maniatis and Producer/Engineer/Vocal Director Ric Poulin accompanied JADA to brush up on how to market, brand and promote artists using groundbreaking media tools, as well as, an inside look on the latest in pro-audio, video and studio solutions.

Bristol is always working tirelessly to keep up with the latest technology and technicalities, like how to effectively and safely include lighting and lasers into your shows. It’s important to know all the aspects of performing and studio recording, in order to develop and deliver top professionals; whether it be as a recording artist, an engineer, a dancer or a triple threat. All these and more will give Bristol the tools and knowledge needed to continue to advance their amazing voice, artist development and recording programs .

But don’t be fooled it’s not all work and no play. One of the best segments of the expo took place after hours where the Trump Taj Mahal gave guests access to exclusive private parties. What better way to network and get your name out there than to party with the best of them? When you are part of Bristol you are part of the biggest and best when it comes to voice, recording and direct contacts to the music industries leading professionals.

~ by bristolstudios on August 16, 2011.

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