Rock City Club…The New Social Music Network

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn have taken over the way we advertise, promote, brand and conduct business. People reap huge rewards from using social networks efficiently and effectively. Television ratings skyrocketed for networks that host shows like American Idol, Americas Got Talent and The Voice. These new ways of promotion and showcase have been hugely successful for those that know how to take advantage of this low-cost, limitless exposure method.

What do you think about the concept of combing social media with reality TV? Rock City Club is a new website said to be launched this October. Jack Wishna, founder and CEO of Rockrena Inc. in Las Vegas has created some of the largest, most successful deals in business history. He is behind the creation of the Trump International Hotel and Tower Las Vegas in partnership with Donald J. Trump and Phil Ruffin, as well as, major deals with Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna and more.

Wishna is creating an online social music network that will allow artists to upload their music and videos for a chance to be promoted by their fans. Similar to American Idol, it is up to the fans to transform unknown artists into the industries next, say, Justin Bieber. In addition, artists who make the cut will be given rare opportunities to work with some of the top producers in the industry and perform live at Rock City Clubs brick and mortar locations in Las Vegas.

We want to know from you, our valued readers, do you think this concept will be as successful as Facebook and American Idol? Is it going to be a real opportunity for unknown artists to develop themselves into professional sensations? Or is it just another site? Visit to learn more.

Please tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

~ by bristolstudios on September 7, 2011.

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