CD Baby, the worlds largest online music store for independent musicians, has just paid over 200 million dollars in royalties to the musicians represented in their catalog. With annual commissions to independent artists reaching 40 million dollars and growing, the company projects total royalties surpassing 250 million dollars in the next year.

The success of CD Baby can be attributed to how well they have been able to cope with the ever changing music industry due to the growing technological influences on music distribution. CD Baby was a business mainly relying on the distribution of hard copy CD’s, and is a leading example of how to survive the change necessary in the digital download era. As of 2011, hard copy CD sales only account for 12.8% of CD Baby’s annual revenue.

In providing a modern method for independent artists to share their music with the world, they were able to free independent artists from waiting for a record label to sign them – giving the artists the opportunity to get their CD’s on the market at will. CD Baby continues to adapt to the ever-changing industry, and is determined to make a better market for independent musicians. They have recently developed a free app, “Music Store for Facebook,” that allows CD Baby artists to sell their music through their Facebook page to their fans. This devotion to helping their clients with the growing technology will guide CD Baby and independent musicians to ongoing success.

~ by bristolstudios on November 28, 2011.

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