Pandora – The Leading Internet Based Radio Station

Pandora internet radio is currently the leading internet based radio station, and is continuing to grow with every passing minute. Pandora started with Tim Westergren‘s Music Genome Project back in 2000. The goal of this project was to deliver the listeners hundreds, if not more, of different artists and songs that would match their preferences.

Based into 5 different styles (Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop/Electronica, Jazz, World Music, and Classical) and multiple characteristics of songs, called vectors, (such as: gender of lead vocal, distortion on guitar, type of background vocal, etc.), the project was extensive and would lead to the first personalized internet radio station.

It took 5 work filled years to finish the project till Pandora was up on the web in 2005, and 3 short years later Pandora became the most downloaded app in the apple app store in 2008. Pandora now holds the title of most downloaded free app on the ipad and second most downloaded free app for the iphone. Pandora is also traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is on more than 400 internet connected consumer devices, such as blue ray and video game consoles.

Although their growth has been more than substantial since the Music Genome Project, they show no signs of slowing down and only continue to grow. Pandora recently released their listenership results for November and noticed a tremendous amount of growth since the previous month. Pandora was able to make impressive improvements in the top ten radio markets in the country, the biggest being a 25 percent average quarter hour (AQH) gain in the New York metro survey area. Average quarter hour is the industry standard for buying radio advertising and this type of improvement makes Pandora a hot spot for advertising and campaigning, making it easy to reach desired demographics. The smallest margin of improvement was 13 percent. For adults 18-49 the weekly cumulative audience had reached more than one million unique listeners in both New York and Los Angeles metro survey areas. With the holiday season here, expect more improvements with the giving an getting of the latest technology. Stay tuned!

~ by bristolstudios on December 19, 2011.

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