Artist Spotlight – BUNTY!

Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop Artist

         “I am amazed at the progress I have made in just 6 months. I walked into Bristol as a classical singer and quickly transformed into the Pop/R&B singer I have always wanted to be.

          I truly appreciate and adore my instructors. Elle has taught me how to control my vibrato and hold notes longer giving me a smooth tone, perfect for R&B. April challenged, taught and molded me into a front line dancer like the people I admire – such as Usher, Gene Kelly, Justin Timberlake, and Elvis – amplifying my credibility as an artist.

          I use the techniques Elle Wine taught me on an everyday basis and stand by the Bristol Pop/Gospel method. Elle catered to my out-of-the-box style of thinking and adapted her teachings to fit me as an individual – so I never felt like “just another student”.  She truly is a great artist, teacher, and mentor; someone who I now look up to and aspire to be like.

          Coming into Artist Development, I didn’t know what to expect.  I had already been a professional dancer from a young age and then spent years on the musical theatre circuit all over the country.  However, I recognized that I was a newbie to the music industry. Bristol did a wonderful job in placing me with an instructor who had a similar past to mine. April Forrest was the perfect teacher to mold me into a triple threat. With my background as a dancer combined with her  expertise as a performer, we were able to create a creative and multi-dementional show that keeps the crowd mesmerized and begging for more.

          The Bristol programs do everything that they claim they do, and the harder you work the harder the programs works for you.  Bristol helped me get signed to a professional  entertainment company in as little as six months. Because of Bristol Studios and their instructors, I am well on my way to the career I want, and I know, no matter how far I get, Bristol was the big step that began the climb up the ladder.

          Bristol is easily the best program  available in the Boston area if not  all of New England. I would definitely recommend it to anyone chasing their dreams because Bristol gives you the skills and methods to actually turn your dreams into reality.  They prepare you to have a lasting career in the music industry. They help you understand that a career in this industry isn’t just some fantasy, but a process that you can prepare for and succeed in. If your an artist searching for that next step, check out Bristol Studios and allow them to jump start your professional music career just as they did for me.” -Bunty

For more information on BUNTY, check out:

~ by bristolstudios on December 22, 2011.

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