Patrice Peris – Oh Holy Night

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Listen to Patrice‘s soulful interpretation of Oh Holy Night!

Artist Spotlight – BUNTY!

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Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop Artist

         “I am amazed at the progress I have made in just 6 months. I walked into Bristol as a classical singer and quickly transformed into the Pop/R&B singer I have always wanted to be.

          I truly appreciate and adore my instructors. Elle has taught me how to control my vibrato and hold notes longer giving me a smooth tone, perfect for R&B. April challenged, taught and molded me into a front line dancer like the people I admire – such as Usher, Gene Kelly, Justin Timberlake, and Elvis – amplifying my credibility as an artist.

          I use the techniques Elle Wine taught me on an everyday basis and stand by the Bristol Pop/Gospel method. Elle catered to my out-of-the-box style of thinking and adapted her teachings to fit me as an individual – so I never felt like “just another student”.  She truly is a great artist, teacher, and mentor; someone who I now look up to and aspire to be like.

          Coming into Artist Development, I didn’t know what to expect.  I had already been a professional dancer from a young age and then spent years on the musical theatre circuit all over the country.  However, I recognized that I was a newbie to the music industry. Bristol did a wonderful job in placing me with an instructor who had a similar past to mine. April Forrest was the perfect teacher to mold me into a triple threat. With my background as a dancer combined with her  expertise as a performer, we were able to create a creative and multi-dementional show that keeps the crowd mesmerized and begging for more.

          The Bristol programs do everything that they claim they do, and the harder you work the harder the programs works for you.  Bristol helped me get signed to a professional  entertainment company in as little as six months. Because of Bristol Studios and their instructors, I am well on my way to the career I want, and I know, no matter how far I get, Bristol was the big step that began the climb up the ladder.

          Bristol is easily the best program  available in the Boston area if not  all of New England. I would definitely recommend it to anyone chasing their dreams because Bristol gives you the skills and methods to actually turn your dreams into reality.  They prepare you to have a lasting career in the music industry. They help you understand that a career in this industry isn’t just some fantasy, but a process that you can prepare for and succeed in. If your an artist searching for that next step, check out Bristol Studios and allow them to jump start your professional music career just as they did for me.” -Bunty

For more information on BUNTY, check out:

Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ is YouTube’s Top 2011 Video – With Over 180 Million Views

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14 year old Rebecca Black became an overnight youtube sensation after her parents paid $4,000 to have a music video created and released through ARK Music Factory. After the video went viral, it was dubbed “the worst song ever” by many music critics.

The music video, originally uploaded on February 10th, reached 167 million views when it was removed from youtube on June 16th. Three months later, Rebecca re-uploaded the song and has gained another 13 million views.


The second most watched video on Youtube was “Ultimate Dog Tease”


The SNL clip “Jack Sparrow (Feat. Michael Bolton)” is the third most watched video on youtube for 2011.

Erene – new releases!!!

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Bristol artist, Erene, pays homage to her idol, Beyonce, with her soulful rendition of the Christmas classic, Silent Night.

Erene also just released her second single, Take a Chance On Me, available for purchase on iTunes!

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Boston artist Melissa Jane is set to release a remixed R&B/Pop version of the Christmas classic, “Joy To The World”. The highly anticipated song is expected  to be released on iTunes and December 16, 2011.

 Melissa Jane’s rendition of “Joy To The World” and was both produced and arranged by Brent Barlow of Bristol Entertainment. The song was recorded and mixed at Boston recording studio Bristol Recording and Voice Studios.Melissa Jane, also known as “MJ” to her fans, has left her mark on New England and is ready to step up her game. Her collaborations with DJ’s have resulted in her single “Remember” being played in clubs and radio all over the world, from Boston’s DJ Caucajion, over to Buenos Aires with DJ Mariano Santos and across the globe with DJ Shu-Ma in Japan.  The “Remember” remix by Japanese production team “Tokyo Angel” was recently released through Barzet Records of Tokyo, Japan.

It’s been an exciting year for this burgeoning artist. Melissa Jane was nominated for the 2011 Best Independent Artist at the Boston Nightlife Awards. “I couldn’t imagine living without music.” said Melissa Jane, who has been wowing audiences with her vocal power and presence since the early age of four. She has gone from performing in her family’s living room to legendary venues such as Boston’s Fenway Park, Paradise Rock Club, Hard Rock Cafe and Gillette Stadium.Producer/Arranger Brent Barlow is a critically acclaimed Singer/Songwriter/Arranger who has been active in the music industry for over twenty years. Brent is the former lead singer of the popular underground rock band “Slow Motion Driver” and his songs and arrangements have encompassed a number of musical styles stemming from Rock, Pop, R&B, Gospel, and even Classical.Melissa Jane is currently working on a new album with Bristol Entertainment Producer Rio (who has worked with Dropkick Murphys, Akon, Jada, Wyclef Jean, Swizz Beatz ) and is generating buzz with producers for Pitbull, Justin Beiber, Keri Hilson, Britney Spears.

Melissa recently performed at the Christmas Charity event for the Homeless Veterans Shelter in Government Center on Monday, Dec. 12. She has participated in this event for several years because she loves bringing joy, through music, to the men and women who have fought for our country.

For more info on Melissa Jane, visit her website at

Pandora – The Leading Internet Based Radio Station

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Pandora internet radio is currently the leading internet based radio station, and is continuing to grow with every passing minute. Pandora started with Tim Westergren‘s Music Genome Project back in 2000. The goal of this project was to deliver the listeners hundreds, if not more, of different artists and songs that would match their preferences.

Based into 5 different styles (Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop/Electronica, Jazz, World Music, and Classical) and multiple characteristics of songs, called vectors, (such as: gender of lead vocal, distortion on guitar, type of background vocal, etc.), the project was extensive and would lead to the first personalized internet radio station.

It took 5 work filled years to finish the project till Pandora was up on the web in 2005, and 3 short years later Pandora became the most downloaded app in the apple app store in 2008. Pandora now holds the title of most downloaded free app on the ipad and second most downloaded free app for the iphone. Pandora is also traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is on more than 400 internet connected consumer devices, such as blue ray and video game consoles.

Although their growth has been more than substantial since the Music Genome Project, they show no signs of slowing down and only continue to grow. Pandora recently released their listenership results for November and noticed a tremendous amount of growth since the previous month. Pandora was able to make impressive improvements in the top ten radio markets in the country, the biggest being a 25 percent average quarter hour (AQH) gain in the New York metro survey area. Average quarter hour is the industry standard for buying radio advertising and this type of improvement makes Pandora a hot spot for advertising and campaigning, making it easy to reach desired demographics. The smallest margin of improvement was 13 percent. For adults 18-49 the weekly cumulative audience had reached more than one million unique listeners in both New York and Los Angeles metro survey areas. With the holiday season here, expect more improvements with the giving an getting of the latest technology. Stay tuned!

Bristol Recording & Voice Studios Cyber Wednesday & Thursday 25% Off!

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Bristol Recording & Voice Studios
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Frank Stewart will perform at the North Shore Holiday Toy Drive!

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Bristol Artist, Frank Stewart, will be performing between 12-1pm at the First National Bank of Ipswich (31 Market Street Ipswich, MA 01938) this Thursday 12/15 at the North Shore Holiday Toy Drive.

North Shore 104.9 and Senator Bruce Tarr will team up again for the 16th annual North Shore Holiday Toy Drive.  All donations go directly to North Shore children in need, through charities including Toys for Tots, The Lynn YMCA, Making Ends Meet, Beverly Bootstraps, Neighbors in Need, Action Inc. and Pathways for Children. There are donation boxes positioned all over the North Shore collecting toys for needy kids.


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CD Baby, the worlds largest online music store for independent musicians, has just paid over 200 million dollars in royalties to the musicians represented in their catalog. With annual commissions to independent artists reaching 40 million dollars and growing, the company projects total royalties surpassing 250 million dollars in the next year.

The success of CD Baby can be attributed to how well they have been able to cope with the ever changing music industry due to the growing technological influences on music distribution. CD Baby was a business mainly relying on the distribution of hard copy CD’s, and is a leading example of how to survive the change necessary in the digital download era. As of 2011, hard copy CD sales only account for 12.8% of CD Baby’s annual revenue.

In providing a modern method for independent artists to share their music with the world, they were able to free independent artists from waiting for a record label to sign them – giving the artists the opportunity to get their CD’s on the market at will. CD Baby continues to adapt to the ever-changing industry, and is determined to make a better market for independent musicians. They have recently developed a free app, “Music Store for Facebook,” that allows CD Baby artists to sell their music through their Facebook page to their fans. This devotion to helping their clients with the growing technology will guide CD Baby and independent musicians to ongoing success.

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